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Learn about Metasports, and how the founding MetaLab team developed MetaSox performance football socks for athletes of all abilities in football and a variety of high impact sports.

Engineered from injury

With a severe metatarsal injury, Trusox and MetaSports founder Chris Niesiolowski searched the market for products to help him get back into a competitive sport.

After realising there wasn’t anything out on the market to fill this need, he set about creating something himself with his father, Henry.

They developed the MetaSox technology over five years, utilising their expertise from developing other brands like TruSox.

In 2011, Chris and Henry developed the first-ever hybrid sports sock for players that need essential protection, which works in synergy with modern sports footwear such as lightweight football boots.


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MetaSox’s unique construction

MetaSox football socks are designed to cover the entire metatarsal region, only 3mm deep, making them flexible enough for your feet. An elastic silicon impact pad withstands up to 40 Newton’s force (enough protection!). Additionally, MetaSox will give you added stability when wearing boots or sports shoes.

What Our Customers Have to Say

The Meta Lab is the home of product development and innovation at MetaSports

We are guided by our two fundamental principles, protecting against injury and maximising performance, our skilled team trial and test product innovations alongside sports scientists and professional athletes.

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The MetaLab engineers innovative high-performance products tested by sports scientists in lab conditions.
The goal is to exceed all professional athletes demands, ensuring you get high quality and innovative products worth both your time and money!
Our MetaSox football socks are continually tested on and off the field in training and competition by football players of all levels.


In the world of football, there is always a new material being tested.
We understand that protection must work in synergy with current game conditions and equipment.
That’s why we continue to trial and test these materials providing products like support, protection and added power for players on the field.


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Worn by professionals

Since 2011, Meta Sports products have been trialled and tested by amateur and professional players in the English Premier League.
The football socks and shin pads were specifically designed to solve real-world injuries. 
Our products maximise performance for athletes at all levels across multiple sports, especially in football.


MetaSox football socks are available in various colours and sizes, from traditional club socks to ultra-lite ankle ones. 
They all have the same design on them so that you can mix it up!

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