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The ultimate in metatarsal protection

MetaSox Protective Sports Socks are the perfect choice for players who want better protection, and to maintain their power and precision on every play. MetaSox Sports Socks are perfect for high-impact sports such as football, rugby and hockey.

MetaSox will significantly reduce the chance of having a foot injury by providing extra cushioning where it matters most – the metatarsals. Our patented technology includes a super flexible 3mm silicone pad that absorbs impact without slowing down movement or sacrificing responsiveness.

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Key Benefits Of Wearing MetaSox Protective Sports Socks

  • Advanced Protection due to the silicon pad absorbing up to 40 newtons of impact resistance
  • Improved Stability between your foot and boot
  • Better Performance with increased confidence
  • Increased Power through the ball
  • More Game Time due to less risk of injury

“Metatarsal fractures are one of the most common foot injuries in football, resulting in a recovery time from 4 weeks to several months”

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"A regular customer of MetaSports wearing Metasox while playing in the under-16 US Football league"

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