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Meta Sports performance socks protect against common injuries and allow professional athletes and amateur players to maximise their performance.

Following a severe metatarsal injury, Meta Sports founder Chris Niesiolowski, along with co-founder Henry Niesiolowski, searched the market for a product that would help him back to compete in competitive sport. Upon the realisation that nothing existed, they set about creating the product to fill this. Over a two-year period they developed MetaSox, a unique hybrid of a sock and a shin pad that provides essential metatarsal protection which works in synergy with modern lightweight football boots.

Meta Sports are today recognised as the leading brand in sports performance socks working with elite clubs and individuals across a multitude of sports. In addition to performance socks, in 2014 Meta Sport will be releasing a new innovative shinpad and other accessories to complement our exciting brand.

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MetaSox’s unique hybrid of sock and shinpad provides metatarsal protection as well as enhanced power and precision when striking the ball.

MetaSox’s unique construction

MetaSox are designed in a winged shape to cover the full Metatarsal region and at only 3mm deep the flexible and elasticated silicon impact pad can withstand 40 Newton’s of force.

Matt Jarvis demonstrates MetaSox

"I use the socks for training and games. They are very comfortable and lightweight and give me the added cushion I need with crosses and shots. The socks are now part of my day to day preparation."

Worn by professionals

Premier League footballers, including Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard and West Ham winger Matt Jarvis wear MetaSox during competitive matches and in training.

MetaSox Collection

MetaSox are available in a range colours and weights, from traditional club socks to ultra lite ankle socks.

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TruSox have been invented by Jim Cherneski, a former American professional footballer and Manager of Crystal Palace Baltimore. After experiencing slippage within his boot during competitive competition numerous times inhibiting his ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction, Jim went on a journey to create a product to prevent this. The result was TruSox.

TruSox’s unique applications

A specialist performance sock containing a globally patented technology with anti-slip materials inside and outside the sock preventing movement within a boot or trainer. The increased grip allows the wearer to generate greater speed and agility when running and moving, and protects against common ankle injuries.

The Science Behind TruSox

The Science Behind TruSox

Discover more about the science behind TruSox and the grip enhancement pads that provide you with unrivalled grip inside your boots. TruSox application is not limited to football and they're also worn by professional players in Baseball, American Football, Tennis, Rugby and Cricket.

Worn by professionals

The uptake at elite level has been astounding with over 30 players now actively wearing TruSox in the English Premier League including Luis Suarez and several other high profile international stars. You can spot who is wearing them by the distinctive dotted trademark on the back of the heel.

TruSox Collection

TruSox are available as full-length football socks, mid-calf and ankle length in a range of team colours.

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The Meta Lab is the home of product development and innovation at Meta Sports.

Guided by our two key principles, protecting against injury and maximising performance, our skilled team trial and test product innovations alongside sports scientists and professional athletes.


The Meta Lab engineers innovative high performance products that are tested by sports scientists in lab conditions to ensure the form and material used exceed the demands of professional athletes.


As former professionals we understand that protection must work in synergy with modern game conditions and equipment. That’s why we continue to trial and test innovative new materials to provide products that deliver support, protection, additional power and confidence.

Worn by professionals

As the Meta Lab’s ultimate goal is to create products that become an integral part of an athlete’s kit, we work alongside professionals to engineer products that solve real world injuries and maximise performance. MetaSox products are now being trailed by 30% of the English Barclay’s Premier League since its launch in January 2011.